The 5 Rising Styles of Bathroom Vanities In Auckland

There is a lot to be said about the contents of your powder room. Many DIY and professional tradespeople around the world will tell you about the sheer number of styles and features that can be associated with bathroom vanities in Auckland. It’s a feature of your restroom that has become synonymous with sophistication and beauty and can make or break the impact of the room itself.

A lot of people refurbishing their homes have come across the same problem when it comes to bathroom vanities in Auckland, there’s oftentimes too many styles to choose from that each offers their own unique voice to a restroom, we thought we would make it a little easier for you and surmise the top tier choices that make up the more refined options for stylish bathroom vanities in Auckland.

1.   Pedestal Sink

One of the more minimalistic styles of bathroom vanities in Auckland, this strong and simple design doesn’t typically have room for cabinet space or storage but does the job in making an impact when paired with the right room design. The benefit of this style is the customisation and convenient size of the units themselves.

2.   Vessel

Stylish bathroom vanities in AucklandThese bathroom vanities in Auckland have a very overtly dominating style and appearance, more commonly found in restaurants or fancier homes. This style incorporates the use of a protruding bowl structure from the sink itself, giving a more open and exuberant air. Typically linked to their own taps and demanding a large amount of space, these types of bathroom vanities in Auckland are not to be taken lightly.

However, if a large statement is an intention, then this is certainly an option worth considering, especially with the range of styles for the bowl that exist.

3.   Wall-Hung or Floating

A more modern and sleek design, these bathroom vanities in Auckland exhibit a more sophisticated and minimalist atmosphere of the pedestal, with all the bells and whistles of storage and design additives like mirrors and cabinet space.

This style is a perfect example of modern innovation, where the free-floating aesthetic is a fine example of modern architectural focus on off-ground aesthetics. Be wary, however, that the lack of ground support will lend the units to be more susceptible to heavy weight placed on the top.

4.   Free Standing

A more classic twist on bathroom vanities in Auckland, this is another example of extending the pedestal idea into a larger area coverage. It is still a staple of many restrooms around the world due to its simple nature and elegant finish, typically done so with wood or some ceramics. It is perfectly suited for people looking for a bit of traditional homeness in their restrooms. It also has the added advantage of being able to incorporate one or two sinks, depending on the requirements. As far as bathroom vanities in Auckland go, this is certainly one of the more common types.

5.   Under-Mounted

A small twist on the free-standing alternative, a slightly more modern take on the classic traditionalism we just explored. These bathroom vanities in Auckland have the classic outset look, with the sink basins build directly under the countertop. This allows a flatter look and design from the outset but negates a lot of the potential storage space underneath the countertop.

There are many styles and materials to further these bathroom vanities in Auckland into a more unique and personalised vibe, new materials and styles are awash in the industry. In the end it’s up to you, shop around and you’ll find the one that’s right for you.